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High-performance Pour in Place foam insulation for HVAC

Ecostar has a high R-value of up to 8.2 per 1 inch, significantly outperforming fiberglass insulation with a maximum R-value of 3.8. This higher thermal efficiency allows for the use of less material and results in lower unit cost and weight.

Polyurethane foam Pour in Place Insulation for HVAC Pour in Place Foam Insulation

Ecostar vs. Fiberglass Insulation

Developed by FSI, a manufacturer with over five decades of field experience, Ecostar™ is a polyurethane foam insulation system that offers superior thermal and structural performance compared to traditional fiberglass insulation.

The benefits of Ecostar’s pour-in-place system are numerous. It offers fast cure times, faster and more consistent HVAC manufacturing, and less material waste due to its excellent flowability, density distribution, and dimensional stability. Additionally, this system has high adhesion to metal substrates which eliminates the need for internal beams or bracings – providing added structural integrity.

Ecostar has passed rigorous fire testing requirements including UL-1995 Heating and Cooling Equipment Standard and NFPA 90A, ensuring your facility is kept entirely safe. It’s zero-GWP Ecomate® blowing agent technology meets the most stringent environmental regulations and does not require Prop 65 labeling – making it RoHS 2/3 and REACH SVHC compliant.

Pour-in-Place foam insulation for HVAC.
Made by experts for experts.

At FSI, we pride ourselves on being a trusted, long-term partner to chemical manufacturers, OEMs, and HVAC customers worldwide. As a leading provider of global polyurethane equipment and systems solutions, we specialize exclusively in polyurethanes and are dedicated to developing the best products and services possible. Our account managers and technical services team are comprised of long-tenured employees, providing customers with a consistent point of contact and allowing for strong relationships to develop over time.

We are recognized by Chemical Manufacturer’s and OEM’s as a trusted partner, known for our dedication to service and expertise in polyurethanes. In over 50 years we have never put a customer into allocation, setting us apart from other suppliers in the industry. With FSI, you can expect unmatched quality, reliable service, and years of experience and expertise in polyurethanes.