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FSI provides high-performance construction foam systems for builders across residential, commercial and industrial construction projects, from high R-value spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation to industrial-strength adhesives with customized cure times.

Commercial & Residential Construction foam Polyurethane Systems

High-performance SPF insulation

While traditional fiberglass insulation features narrow thermal performance (R-values at 1” from 2.5 to 3.2), our SPF systems offer a wider range of thermal performance with R-values at 1” from 3.8 to 7.0, depending on the formulation.

Foam Supplies offers a complete line of high-pressure and low-pressure insulation and roofing spray polyurethane foam with open- or closed-cell formulations to suit the performance demands and meet the scope of projects large or small.

Our SPF systems act as a barrier to heat, air and moisture vapor (closed-cell) to reduce energy-wasting infiltration through cracks, seams and joints. Formulated for excellent adhesion, our closed-cell SPF systems contribute to overall structural strength of the building.

SPF systems from Foam Supplies are formulated for installer safety and ease of use, boasting low odor, minimal creep and wide processing latitudes that contribute to safer, speedier application to meet tighter project deadlines.

Our closed-cell SPF systems are zero-GWP formulations that meet the most stringent environmental regulations, including California SB1013. These systems do not require Prop 65 labeling.

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Industrial Strength Polyurethane Adhesives

Our FoamNail® two-part adhesive and OnePart™ moisture-cure adhesive provide strong bonds, tight seals and excellent mechanical properties formulated to withstand the duress of construction applications.

Polyurethane adhesives form an initial bond before curing, reducing the need for clamping to shorten construction timelines. In roofing applications, our FoamNail® adhesive hardens in a matter of minutes, much faster than driving screws. Foam Supplies can customize adhesive cure speed according to your on-site requirements.

Our OnePart™ adhesive costs less than traditional tube and caulk, and all our adhesives feature industry-leading shelf life, allowing builders to reduce supply costs and waste.

FoamNail® and OnePart™ are VOC-exempt, formaldehyde-free and do not contribute to global warming or ozone depletion.

SIPs and Panelized Systems

Rigid polyurethane foam can be formulated for structural insulated panel (SIP) or exterior architectural panel manufacturing.

Ecofoam® rigid foam systems from FSI offer superior thermal insulation performance, allowing for the design of SIPs that require less material and are faster to manufacture.

Rigid foam systems for SIPs can be customized to a wider range of densities and R-values according to end users’ structural and thermal insulation needs.

OnePart™ adhesive from FSI is ideal for adhering polystyrene insulation to SIP skins.

Polyurethane System Delivery Streamlined and Simplified

A reliable supplier is integral to any construction project. After completing trial runs of your adhesive, spray foam or rigid foam system, our global supply and distribution network kicks into gear, delivering to your facility or jobsite in totes, drums, pressurized cylinders or in bulk. We also offer both pressurized and non-pressurized bulk delivery.


Genfoam™ OC, GenX™, Ecospray®, Spritzer® & ThermaFROTH™

Our SPF systems meet building code requirements for:

  • Insulation for Exterior Walls, Crawl Spaces & Attics
  • Insulation & Waterproofing for Low-Slope Roofs
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Ecostar rigid pour-in-place foam with Ecomate blowing agent technology is certified ASTM E84/UL-723 Class I (A) rated
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Compliant SNAP
Compliant Montreal
Compliant RoHS
Compliant GRAS
Compliant EPA
Compliant Kyoto
Compliant WEEE

Unmatched Regulatory Compliance

Because it is environmentally benign, Ecomate complies with all current — and most likely all future — regulations pertaining to foam blowing agents. As additional HFCs and other harmful materials are phased out, Ecomate will continue to be the reliable and affordable solution for foam blowing applications. Current regulatory compliance includes:

  • U.S EPA SNAP Program
  • Montreal Protocol
  • Kyoto Protocol
  • Kyoto ROHS Protocol (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • WEEE Directed (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
  • GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)
  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization)
  • EPA SNAP Approved

Technical Support

Foam Supplies, Inc. staffs an industry-leading R&D team and a technical sales and support staff dedicated to building trusted industry relationships.

Together, these experts provide critical product and equipment guidance that allows appliance manufacturers to engineer more efficient, more sustainable household products.

Technical Services
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