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Why is Caring one of our core values?

When the Committee for Economic Development established the “social contract” between industry and society in 1971, Corporate Social Responsibility really started to take off in the United States. FSI began in 1972 with a strong awareness of the social contract which is founded on the notion that because of public “consent,” business exists and has a duty to contribute to the needs of society.

The social contract outlined three responsibilities, and they’re still applicable today:

  1. Provide jobs and economic growth through well run businesses.
  2. Run the business fairly and honestly regarding employees and customers.
  3. Become more broadly involved in improving the conditions of the community and environment in which it operates.

From our founding, caring has been a deeply held value. Our commitment has always been to create a sustainable environmental and social impact that positively changes the world and improves life.

Our chemistry builds a better tomorrow.