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Onsite ACT™

Advanced Control Technology

Onsite ACT™ is a complete foaming and quality assurance system that integrates quality checks, condition monitoring, QR code scanners, operator access control, and more to guarantee your operation works smoothly and effectively.

We developed the Onsite ACT™ with a thorough understanding of the polyurethane production process from our 50+ years of experience and collaboration with customers. Onsite ACT™ provides a full range of dispensing options that can meet your specific needs and manufacturing requirements.


  • Date and Time
  • Operator Identification
  • Mode Indicator
  • Temperature Controls
  • Multi-Gun Support
  • Calibration Settings
  • Real Time Data
  • Data Logging
  • All Systems “Go” Confirmation


Powerful Insights
Automatically logs all shot, part, and crew information giving insight into the productivity and history of production.

Intuitive Interface
Operator level employees can produce with a clear understanding of efficiency.

Temperature Control
Provides real-time monitoring and tight controls of dispensing equipment temperatures through solid-state relays and high accuracy thermocouples.

Automatic Ratio Calculation
PLC guided ratio sequence ensures that operators are performing checks at the proper times/intervals. The scale included with the equipment package makes hand calculations unnecessary. All ratio calculations are logged in perpetuity.

Automatic Calibration
The calibration sequence automatically adjusts shot times to ensure the correct weight, volume, and target in-place density of foam is shot into every part.

Remote Access
Can be monitored and adjusted via ethernet.

Data Download
All data is logged in formats that can be exported as an .xls file.

Customized Modes

Single Barcode
When you need to fill multiple copies of the same part in one production run.

Multi-Shot Barcode
When a part requires multiple shots to fill. Shots can be of equal or different times, weights, and volumes.

Timed Shot
When you need to perform maintenance on the SLUG Pro gun and require specific shot times to troubleshoot.

Manual Barcode Entry
A timed shot at random often occurs when you need to fill an R&D part or one-off custom job. With Manual Barcode Entry mode the most current SLUG Pro gun calibration is used to calculate shot time and ensures that all shot data is logged.

Manual Trigger
When you need to perform maintenance on the SLUG Pro gun and you have an idea of how much chemical you need to dispense in order to troubleshoot.

Recipe Multi-Shot
When a part requires multiple shots to fill with a specific mapped shot sequence but do not require the need to scan each part. One barcode scan can map the pattern for the operator to follow.

Onsite ACT™ takes the guesswork out of filling parts.

  • Enhanced temperature control with high and low limit protections.
  • Each shot from single and multiple SLUG Pro dispensing units is recorded in perpetuity on a removable microSD card. Items logged include:
    • Operator logged in at time of use.
    • Date & time.
    • ISO and POLY chemical temperature.
    • Equipment ID per filled part.
    • Part number.
    • Per part shot # (if multiple shots required).
    • Time of shot(s) dispensed.
    • Part density and volume.
  • Auto-calibration of chemical flow.
  • GFCI protection on dispensing equipment safeguards against even the harshest manufacturing environments.
  • Tailored QC options.
  • Supervisor oversight and approval features to enhance accountability.
  • Remote access and data retrieval.

Increase productivity and maintain quality control.