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Professional and amateur taxidermists require foam with pristine, grain-free surfaces and the durability to hold tacks and staples to create beautiful and lifelike mounts of all manner of wildlife. ECOFORM is a user-friendly two-part high-density polyurethane solution for taxidermists, scientists, and wildlife artists. ECOFORM aids in the creation of stunning, lifelike mounts that stand the test of time, enduring for generations.

Eco Form Premium Taxidermy Foam

Defect-free Foam with Unmatched Durability

ECOFORM is ideal for taxidermists whose work requires longer cream times but shorter gel times. The formula provides superb compressive strength, reliable dimensional stability and good chip resistance so taxidermists can add tacks and staples to foam molds worry-free.

ECOFORM is engineered for ease of workability including cutting, carving and shaping and boasts excellent edge definition for the most lifelike mounts. This product complies with all environmental standards for foaming.

If you’re interested in purchasing ECOFORM in one-gallon containers or five-gallon buckets, ideal for small businesses and DIY projects, please fill out the form below.

Environmentally Friendly

We care about our planet and designed ECOFORM to be eco-friendly

Regulatory Compliant

Rest easy knowing that ECOFORM meets and exceeds all relevant regulations

No Phase Out

With its compliance, ECOFORM is here to stay

Long Shelf Life

With a 6 month shelf life, ECOFORM is ready when you are

Good Flowability

ECOFORM captures every detail in your mold

Versatile Density Range

With a density range from 3–20 lbs, ECOFORM is adaptable to your needs


Easily scarfed, sanded, and cut, ECOFORM is simple to work with
Taxidermy Foam


Taxidermists, scientists and wildlife artists have relied on our easy to use taxidermy foam for such applications as:

  • Individual Works of Art
  • Mass Produce Forms
  • Crafts

Discover the difference Eco-Form can make in your taxidermy projects