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Polyurethane Systems.
Exceptional since 1972.

Different from the start.

FSI combines cutting-edge polyurethane foam systems with an unrivaled dedication to technical service and support.

This unique blend, as well as our guiding values of caring, sustainability, and innovation, enable our customers to create products that advance the industry.

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From a humble at-home operation...

It started as a two-person team that believed it could do business a better way.

In 1968, David Keske began his career with Olin Corporation, selling rigid polyurethane foam systems. It wasn't long before he recognized the potential that would define his life's work: larger chemical corporations appeared to disregard smaller markets and clients, focusing all of their customer service resources on large, heavyweight accounts. The service gap was clear.

From their home in Creve Coeur, Missouri, David and his wife Karen launched FSI in 1972. Their goal was to develop cutting-edge polyurethane systems and deliver exceptional technical support to all of our clients. The company quickly outgrew the house and relocated to a 1,000-square-foot rented warehouse. FSI would transfer foam systems into pressurized cylinders for customers who were "too small" for large suppliers or who sought more attentive technical support for their facilities.

This collaborative mentality set FSI apart right away. It also set the stage for the events that made us who we are today.


David and Karen Keske found Foam Supplies, Inc. in their St. Louis, MO home. The couple’s passion for polyurethanes and commitment to serving their customers propels the growth of the company.


FSI develops FLUSH dispensing equipment to ensure a reliable, cost-effective option for dispensing rigid polyurethane foam.


Due to successful product and service offerings, business continues to grow, facilitating another move to a larger production facility.


Based on soaring product success, FSI is awarded a contract to supply walk-in cooler insulation for the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Later supplies insulation for the USS Abraham Lincoln (1984) and USS George Washington (1986.)


Through continual innovative product development, FSI develops ElastaBond™ which is used in the production of track and field facilities at the 1984 Summer Olympics.


FSI expands production and builds a facility in Dallas, Texas.


FSI patents the SLUG dispensing equipment that eliminates the need to flush equipment with toxic solvents.


FSI receives patent for the first HCFC-22 polyurethane, which replaces CFC-11 and CFC-12 to comply with the Montreal Protocol.


Spurred by continued growth, FSI builds new company headquarters and R&D facility in St. Louis, Missouri.


Foamnail® and OnePart™ industrial strength adhesives provide strong bonds, tight seals and excellent mechanical properties.


Ecomate® becomes first to market with eco-friendly blowing agent technology.


GE Purchases Cadillac Plastic


Ecomate® receives US EPA SNAP listing.


Ecomate® is granted VOC-exempt status by US EPA.


FSI expands its international reach with strategic partnerships in multiple countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America regions.


Ecomarine® receives the Environmental Innovation Award at IBEX Trade Show for displaying impactful achievements in the marine supply industry.


Ecomate® technology receives GRAS accreditation from the FDA.


McDonald’s equipment supplier converts all foaming locations to Ecofoam® worldwide.


Direct global reach is established. FSI owned and operated locations open in New Delhi, India.


FSI expands into flexible foam markets.


SLUG® equipment evolves with the introduction of the SLUG® PRO.


Growth continues with the opening of FSI S.r.l. in Italy.


OptiTherm® C1 is certified as a Class I (A) fire resistant HCFO zero-GWP pour-in-place foam system.


PolyShot™ Pro foam applicator is introduced as robust middle market solution for foaming equipment. ThermaFroth™ is introduced as a low-pressure SPF system ideal for small jobs and patchwork applications.


Conti-Foam – Designed for both metal and flexi-faced continuous lamination processing. FSI expands with additional capacity to the St. Louis, MO campus.


FSI opens operations in UAE. 50 years doing business.

... to the country's premier independent polyurethane supplier

FSI built a second production site outside Dallas, TX in 1985 as a result of strong growth in the 1970s and 1980s. With more space to meet the needs of a growing polyurethane systems industry, the innovations came one after another.

In 1986, FSI created the industry’s first computer-controlled “in-line” blender, allowing the company to considerably increase manufacturing capacity in order to meet soaring demand.

The Solvent-Less Urethane Gun (SLUG) dispensing device was later developed by FSI, which eliminated the need for hazardous solvents and greatly improved operator safety.

FSI can provide comprehensive turnkey services, including design and development of foam manufacturing and dispensing equipment,  high-pressure systems, thanks to partnerships with Graco.


FSI was the first to patent CFC-free rigid foam technology and was the first in the industry to develop systems using HFC-134a. In 2002, the company preempted future regulatory mandates and introduced Ecomate® environmentally sustainable blowing agent technology. This was the market’s first high-performance zero-GWP, VOC-free blowing agent. Ecomate® is the most tried and true ecological blowing agent available today, having been in use for nearly two decades.

Ecomate blowing agent

FSI has expanded internationally in the recent decade, opening operations in China, Hong Kong, India, and Italy.

The company’s most recent expansion in St. Louis comprises a new headquarters, R&D, and Technical Service center, as well as an adjacent new 80,000-square-foot manufacturing plant.

FSI is now the world’s leading independent provider of polyurethane systems, technical support, equipment, and process support. Not bad considering David and Karen Keske’s humble origins at their suburban home in 1972.

Our Values in Action

At FSI we hold some straightforward beliefs about life and business that drive the decisions we make every day.


  • We’ve led the way on developing CFC-, HCFC-, and HFC-free polyurethane foam solutions in compliance with domestic and international sustainability initiatives
  • Customers use our products to manufacture durable foam systems with longer lifecycles, ultimately reducing waste
  • Downstream processors and end users report exceptional quality and consistency with dramatically reduced scrap rates
  • FSI offers a wide array of shipping options, including pressurized containers, that reduce exposure and create less waste


  • FSI meets customers’ evolving needs by developing new product formulas and dispensing technology to improve quality, consistency and efficiency in manufacturing
  • Big-name customers including the International Olympic Committee and global fast food chains utilize foam systems developed by FSI
  • Experienced chemists in FSI’s industry-leading research and development department create new systems and processes that move the industry forward


  • FSI makes regular visits to customer sites to help keep equipment and processes running smoothly and empower engineers and operators with educational and training resources
  • From the two-man spray foam team to a million-square-foot appliance factory, FSI offers products and technical support to everyone who needs it—not just high-volume, high-dollar accounts
  • FSI expects that its employees will deal honestly and fairly with everyone, including customers, vendors, industry partners and each other

Our chemistry builds a better tomorrow.