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The Industry Game Changer.

The SLUG Pro by FSI is the leader in foam dispensing equipment. It’s a Solvent-Less Urethane Gun specifically designed to enhance worker safety by eliminating the need for potentially hazardous flushing solvents. It’s also user-friendly, cost-effective, and ideal for a variety of applications, including pour-in-place foam applications.

Success through innovation.

Born from a vision to enhance worker safety and efficiency, the SLUG Pro — or “Solvent-Less Urethane Gun” — was the first of its kind. Its creation eliminated the need for potentially carcinogenic flushing solvents that were common during its development phase.

Close up view of Slug Pro advanced pour foam equipment blown out in pieces by FSI

The SLUG Pro is a pressurized dispensing equipment capable of outputs ranging from 6lbs/min to 60lbs/min (~3kg/min to 27kg/min). This makes it a versatile solution for various applications, particularly pour-in-place tasks.

The SLUG Pro is the latest evolution in our pressurized dispensing range, combining the reliability of our previous designs with significant improvements, including an improved mix cartridge design. All of this is aimed at offering an affordable, effective, and safe solution for businesses that don’t have the budget for high-pressure dispensing equipment.

close up view of the pressure gauge on SLUG pro from FSI for foam dispensing

This is more than just a product.

It is the culmination of our dedication to innovation, safety, and value for our customers.

Unleash Efficiency and Safety.

The SLUG Pro isn’t just a foam dispensing gun, it’s a tool designed with user-friendly features to increase efficiency, save costs, and improve your bottom line. Here are some of the key features and benefits that set it apart:

block exchange of a solvent less urethane gun foam dispensing system

Standard Features

  • Air Open/Air Close Cylinder: Provides a secure and efficient operation
  • Direct Impingement Mix: Ensures a thorough and even mix of materials
  • Timer: Enables precise control over the dispensing process
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Kit: Ensures your SLUG Pro remains in optimal condition
  • Digital Ratio Scale: Provides accurate measurements for consistent results
  • 25 ft. hoses: Provides flexibility and range during operation

Optional Features

  • Gun Mount Timer: Offers additional control options
  • Custom Hose Lengths: Tailored to your specific needs
  • PIP System and Manifold Set-up: Enhances the versatility of the SLUG Pro

Low Cost with Industry-Best ROI: A cost-effective solution with a high return on investment

Time/Cost-Saving Mix Head Rebuild: Saves valuable time and reduces maintenance costs

Eliminates Solvent Disposal: Enhances worker safety and reduces environmental issues

Supports Single & Multiple Drops: Versatile and adaptable to a variety of applications

Routine On-Site Technical Support: We’re here to assist and ensure your operations run smoothly

Built to Last

Quality & Craftsmanship

The SLUG Pro isn’t just about advanced features and benefits—it’s also about quality and craftsmanship. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of its design and production:

Top Grade Materials

The SLUG Pro is crafted with precision from premium materials like 2024 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, brass valves, and Teflon-lined stainless steel braided hoses. These materials not only ensure durability and reliability, but they also come insulated and protected in robust ballistic nylon sheathing. Despite using more expensive materials, we’re able to deliver a complete, high-quality product at an affordable price.

Interchangeable parts to customize the slug gun pro to meet OEM production requirements
Service technician adjusting pieces of slug gun pro foam injection equipment from FSI

Quality Production

Each unit of the SLUG Pro is personally assembled by our experienced technicians to ensure compliance with our exacting standards. This approach allows us to focus on delivering quality products in a timely manner. Our equipment is not mass-produced—instead, it’s a product of dedicated craftsmanship and commitment to quality

Simple & Economical Design

We believe in sophistication through simplicity. The SLUG Pro is designed with an operator’s use and handling needs in mind, eliminating flashy and unnecessary parts that can lead to unnecessary difficulty. It’s simple to use, maintain, and repair. The new disposable mix cartridge can be replaced in minutes, eliminating the need for block reconditioning and exchange. This reduces downtime and shipping costs, as there’s no need to send your block back to FSI for repair—just order replaceable blocks and have them shipped to you. This simple one-way process is a significant improvement over the old version, saving you time and money.

Adjusting output nozzles for Slug Gun Pro foam injection gun from FSI

Invest in a product that's designed to last and perform at its best, every time.

cross cut of metal panel filled with ecomate polyurethane foam from fSI

Optimized for Your Operations

The SLUG Pro is specifically designed to excel in a variety of applications, making it a versatile addition to your operations. It shines in pour-in-place applications, providing a reliable and efficient solution for this specific task with a range of outputs, from 6lbs/min to 60lbs/min (~3kg/min to 27kg/min).

Picnic Coolers
Insulated Panels
Boating & Marine
HVAC Insulation
Appliance Insulation

Your Success is Our Goal

Choosing the SLUG Pro means choosing a partner dedicated to your success.
Our commitment to you extends beyond providing a high-quality product.

A Reputation for Excellence.

“We Service What We Sell,” is a key philosophy taught by our founder and a lesson we will not abandon. We always appreciate when you choose FSI and are dedicated to making sure our products work for you. We know it is our reputation that helps set us apart and earns our customers’ trust.

A True Single-Source Partner.

FSI is committed to ensuring your ongoing success. We provide premium off-the-shelf products, as well as custom formulated systems to handle unique or proprietary applications. Our advanced dispensing equipment and turnkey solutions cater to isolated manufacturing tasks as well as comprehensive A to Z manufacturing processes. We offer the most experienced and tenured team, providing education, consulting, and routine preventative maintenance services to ensure your production runs smoothly and consistently.

SLUG Pro - Polyurethane Foam Dispensing Equipment

Designed for enhanced safety, it eliminates need for hazardous solvents. Cost-effective & versatile, perfect for various applications, incl. pour-in-place foam

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