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FSI, a global leader in polyurethane systems, is proud to announce its continued commitment to corporate philanthropy, marking over 50 years of giving back to the community. Since its inception in 1972, FSI has grown from a small operation in the home of founders David and Karen Keske to a multinational corporation with a presence on six continents.

Leadership and Values

Under the leadership of CEO Todd Keske, FSI has maintained its commitment to creating a sustainable environmental and social impact. “Our deeply held value of caring has guided us from our founding to the present day. We believe in positively changing the world and improving life through our actions,” said Keske.

Introducing Jennifer Rush, Director of Philanthropy

As part of its commitment to supporting local organizations, FSI has appointed Jennifer Rush as its first Director of Philanthropy. With 11 years of experience in non-profit advancement, Rush is excited to join a company that values caring, generosity, and community investment.

In her role, Rush will drive a philanthropic strategy that aligns with FSI’s core beliefs and values. “At FSI, we hold some simple beliefs about life, giving back to the community, and business that drive our decisions every day,” says Todd Keske, CEO. “Our investments today in local organizations are the building blocks for a stronger, more vibrant community in the future.

Director of Philanthropy

A Trend Towards Corporate Generosity

Despite a nationwide decrease in individual charitable donations, FSI stands out for its commitment to corporate philanthropy. Giving USA reports that while individual donations dipped last year, there was a notable increase in the generosity of corporations and foundations. FSI is proud to be part of this trend, demonstrating that businesses can and should play a crucial role in supporting their communities.

FSI Donates $40k to Make A Wish Foundation

Building a Better Tomorrow with Eco-Friendly Polyurethane Systems

FSI’s commitment to corporate philanthropy is just one aspect of its broader mission to build a better tomorrow. With a focus on developing eco-friendly polyurethane systems and providing unrivaled technical support, FSI is dedicated to innovation, caring, and sustainability.

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