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A history of success through innovation.

1972 – David and Karen Keske found Foam Supplies, Inc. in their St. Louis Missouri home. The couple’s passion for polyurethanes and commitment to serving their customers people the growth of the company. Within two years, FSI moves to a new and larger facility.

1974 – FSI develops FLUSH dispensing equipment to ensure a reliable, cost effective option for dispensing rigid polyurethane foam

1979 – Due to successful product and service offerings, business continues to grow, facilitating another move to a larger production facility.

1981 – Based on soaring product success in the efficacy of rigid foam insulation, FSI wins a contract to supply walk-in cooler insulation for the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The company later supplies insulation for the USS Abraham Lincoln (1984) and USS George Washington (1986.)

1983 – Through continual innovative product development, FSI develops ElastaBond which is used in the production of track and field facilities at the 1984 Summer Olympics.

1984 – FSI expands production and builds a facility in Lewisville, Texas.

1986 – FSI patents the SLUG (Solvent-Less Urethane Gun), a dispensing gun that eliminates the need to flush equipment with toxic solvents.

1989 – FSI Receives patent for the first HCFC-22 blowing agent system, which replaces CFC-11 and CFC-12 to comply with the Montreal Protocol. Additional patents for CFC-Free technology are received in 1993.

1995 – Spurred by continuing growth, FSI builds new company headquarters and R&D facility in Earch City, Missouri.

1997 – FSI introduces FoamNail two-part industrial adhesive. 2 years later, OnePart single component is introduced.

2002 – The original Ecomate worldwide patent is filed and approved, with additional patents granted for international distribution in ‘06,’07,’08,’09,’10, and counting.

2003 – Ecomate becomes US EPA SNAP listed. The following year Ecomate is granted VOC-exempt status by US EPA.

2005 – FSI begins to expand its international reach with strategic partnerships in multiple countries in Asia, EAME, and Latin America regions.

2008 – Ecomarine, powered by Ecomate technology, received the Environmental Innovation Award at IBEX Trade Show for displaying innovative and impactful achievements in the foam supply industry.

2009 – Ecomate blowing agent technology receives GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) approval from the FDA, signifying that it is safe for manufacturers to use in the development of products.

2010 – Significant McDonalds food service equipment supplier converts all worldwide foaming locations to Ecofoam.

2011 – Direct global reach is established. FSI owned and operated location opens in New Dehli, India, proving the company’s commitment to making an impact on a global scale.

2012 – Technology evolution continues as FSI expands systems blending capacity to the flexible and CASE industries.

2015 – FSI completed improvements to SLUG, its pressurized dispensing unit, and introduces the new SLUG PRO.

2016 – As growth continues, FSI forms subsidiary Foam Supplies SRL in Italy.

2020 – After 48 years in business, Foam Supplies’ Success through Innovation continues with cutting-edge technology and our commitment to environmental stewardship.