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Advancing Polyurethane Innovation

We continue to partner with the industry by improving our cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Our commitment to advancing manufacturing processes, environmental stewardship, and supply chain reliability sets us apart in the industry. Stop by booth #1932 at Foam Expo – we’d love to meet you!

Onsite ACT: Precision in Polyurethane Production

FSI’s Onsite ACT™ (Advanced Control Technology) system represents a significant leap in manufacturing efficiency and quality. Developed by our in-house Engineering and Maintenance team, this technology ensures precise filling of parts, minimizing underfill or waste and maximizing productivity. Onsite ACT has been instrumental in helping manufacturers achieve control and precision in their production processes.

Polyurethane precision for manufacturing production lines

Eco-Friendly Ecomate Technology

FSI’s commitment to sustainability is embodied in our ecomate technology. This eco-friendly foundation for several of our polyurethane systems demonstrates our dedication to providing solutions that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible. Ecomate technology aligns cost-effectiveness with high performance, offering manufacturers a sustainable alternative without compromising quality.

Robust Supply Chain and Production Capabilities

Our significant capital investments in state-of-the-art production facilities have bolstered FSI’s position as a reliable partner in the supply chain. These advancements ensure that we are always equipped to provide timely and effective solutions to our customers. Our increased production capabilities allow us to continue delivering excellence at scale, while effectively meeting the needs of the manufacturing industry.

For over 50 years, FSI’s dedication to innovation, environmental stewardship, and supply chain excellence has made us a leader in the polyurethane industry. Visit us at the upcoming Foam Expo 2024 (Booth 1932) to explore our latest technologies and solutions firsthand. Discover how we are not just preparing for the future but actively building a better one.

Exceptional Field Services for Optimized Operations

At FSI, we pride ourselves on offering more than just products; we provide comprehensive solutions. Our field services team plays a critical role in this approach. Comprising the largest traveling team in the polyurethanes industry, they are experts at keeping customer equipment and production lines optimized. Whether it’s routine maintenance, troubleshooting, or system upgrades, our field services team ensures that our customers’ operations run smoothly and efficiently. Their expertise and commitment to service excellence make a tangible difference in operational uptime and productivity, solidifying our role as a trusted partner in our customers’ success.

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