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Rotational Molding

For over 50 years FSI has been manufacturing chemicals that provide superior performance. Our chemistry builds a better tomorrow.

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Rotational Molding

Rotational molding is one of several plastics manufacturing processes that produces exceptionally durable parts and components with a long service life. It is commonly known as rotomolding or rotocasting and is a thermoplastic part making method that was created in the twentieth century and gained widespread industrial acceptance in the 1960s. There is a higher demand in specific industries such as plastic injection molding, thermoforming, or blow molding. Because of its capacity to produce durable, complicated hollow items that are practically impossible to build using other methods, rotational molding is favored over many other plastics manufacturing processes.

The rotomolding method has a variety of advantages, including cost effectiveness, excellent finishing, little to no size constraints, and the fact that it is considered environmentally benign in many ways due to its capacity to efficiently recycle and reuse materials.

FSI can custom formulate to your projects specifications, helping you create the best product possible.