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A closed-cell medium-density SPF system designed for industrial and OEM applications with a UL 94 HF-1 flammability rating and meets USCG requirements for flotation materials.

High-Performance Spray Foam for Superior Insulation and Climate Control

Ecospray delivers superior closed-cell polyurethane spray foam insulation, offering top-tier energy-efficiency and industry leading environmental safety.

While spray foam insulation generally outperforms traditional insulation in energy cost reduction, Ecospray® emerges as the preferred choice for its environmentally conscious, zero ozone-depleting and global warming chemicals. With an R-value of 7.1 at 1″ thickness, Ecospray acts as a barrier to heat, air and moisture vapor to reduce energy-wasting infiltration through cracks, seams and joints.

Additionally, Ecospray enhances structural integrity upon application to walls, roofs, or other surfaces, significantly bolstering their strength. As reported by the National Association of Home Builders, walls with closed-cell spray foam insulation like Ecospray are up to 300% stronger compared to those without.

Like all SPF systems from FSI, Ecospray® is formulated for installer safety and ease of use, boasting low odor, minimal creep and wide processing latitudes that contribute to safer, speedier application to meet tighter project deadlines.

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spray foam air flow management
Spray Foam moisture control EcoSpray is 100% moisture impermeable, preventing risk of mold and mildew.
Thermal Efficiency of Spray foam
Spray Foam offers structural enhancement. Reduces rack and sheer and minimizes wall movements due to outside forces like wind, vibration, and occupant activity.
Spray Foam global warming potential climate change
Spray Foam helps reduce noise in homes and apartments