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Tote to Tank

Chemical Transfer System

Save time and money by switching to the updated chemical transfer process. FSI’s modernized approach gives you complete control of your conditioning room’s quality assurance and safety features. Chemical delivery via intermediate bulk containers (IBC), also known as totes, reduces cost without compromising product quality. Being cubic in form, totes can transport more material in the same footprint compared to cylindrical-shaped containers. They also save room in warehouses with their ability to be stacked. Additionally, there is no cost of return shipping and they are often picked up at no cost by local recycling programs.

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Streamlined process. Improved efficiency.

The FSI tote to tank process is a better option than pressurized tanks for chemical transfer. It’s efficient, safe, and less costly. You’ll have complete control over quality assurance and safety features in your conditioning room. Our system integrates controls, scales, and pumps to prevent run-dry issues and reduce supply chain disruptions. Tote-to-tank transfers save time, reduce labor intensity, eliminate mess and hazards of switching out tanks, and prohibit overfills.

What’s Included*
  • Scales – allows for real-time chemical consumption monitoring
  • Push Button Controls – Start filling control panel makes transfers easy and safe
  • Hoses – Color coded industrial grade hoses with spiral wrap scuff-guard
  • Cables – All low voltage cables communicates from scales to pumps and control valves
  • Pumps – Dedicated AODD pumps for each day tank

* Lease and purchase options available


  • Pressure switch alerts when the tank is under pressure
  • Exposure to chemicals when switching out tanks is eliminated
  • Push-button start filling control panel makes transfers easy and safe
Reduce Supply Chain Disruption
  • System alerts when tanks are low, enabling clear monitoring and keeping your supply chain process smooth
  • Shorter lead times for chemical delivery of totes versus shipping tanks
Less labor intensive
  • This process eliminates the need to break down and set up new tanks
Saves Money
  • No return cost for shipping tanks back to FSI
  • Controls, scales, and pumps support a more efficient system
Saves space
  • Stackable totes require less valuable floor space in small conditioning rooms
  • Empty totes are fully recyclable at no charge
Parallel Setup Capability
  • Tote to tank system is scalable and can add multiple tanks