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Ecomate®-Blown Insulation: A 5-Year Performance Analysis

In the realm of commercial refrigeration and foodservice equipment, the insulation you choose plays a pivotal role in long-term efficiency and performance. But how do you determine which insulation stands the test of time?

Dive deep into our comprehensive case study where Foam Supplies, Inc. puts Ecomate®-blown foam insulation under the microscope. We’ve rigorously tested over 20 different refrigeration products from diverse manufacturers, all utilizing Ecomate® foam. From soft drink dispensers to walk-in cooler panels, discover how these products have withstood ambient conditions for over half a decade.

Developed by FSI: a global polyurethane systems house, ecomate is our eco-friendly blowing agent

Key Highlights from Ecomate® case study

  • Comparative analysis of thermal efficiency from production to five years post-production.
  • In-depth evaluation of physical property retention over extended periods.
  • Real-world applications and their performance metrics.

Why this matters to you

Equip yourself with data-driven insights to make informed decisions for your next project. Understand the longevity and reliability of Ecomate®-blown insulation and how it can be a game-changer for your equipment.

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