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How Ecoflex™ foam plays a part in saving lives

At FSI, we like to say that polyurethane foam products touch almost every aspect of our daily lives, and in countless positive ways.

But here’s an example of how our ecoflex integral skin foam actually helps save lives – by providing superior insulation and more for organ transport coolers.

Because of its ability to both protect and insulate, ecoflex integral skin foam was chosen by a top US laboratory and medical products manufacturer for their organ transport coolers.

Ecoflex provides excellent insulation, but is also chemically resistant, non-sweating, and won’t absorb moisture or odors. Plus it’s lightweight, virtually unbreakable under normal use conditions, and features a lightly textured non-slip exterior finish.

Those are a lot of important benefits packed into a small size package.

But the greatest benefit for us is knowing we’ve played a part in safely getting vital organs to patients who desperately need them. What can ecoflex integral skin foams do for your product line?

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