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Nevada Becomes 23rd State in US Climate Alliance

Environmental stewardship – and new state government policies – grow quickly as states take action against climate change.

On March 12, 2019, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced plans to join the US Climate Alliance, making Nevada the 23rd member of the organization, which is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating the harmful effects of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) blowing agents and refrigerants.

Nevada joins five other states – Illinois, New Mexico, Michigan, Wisconsin and Maine – which have become members of the Alliance since January 1st of this year alone. The entire group, comprised of 22 US states and Puerto Rico, now represents over half (51%) of the US population and a combined $11 trillion economy.

As members of the US Climate Alliance, each member state or territory commits to reducing their emissions and to enacting climate policy measures that are in line with the US target under the Paris Agreement. Many have already introduced legislation to phase out HFCs, similar to California’s, or have announced plans to do so. This will further reduce the number of states that will permit the sale of products containing HFC blowing agents and will drastically shrink the US market for these products.

The rapid growth of the Alliance since its founding in June 2017 is proof that more and more bipartisan leaders in the US are concerned about climate change, and are willing to take on the mantle of environmental stewardship, whether or not the US Federal Government takes action on the issue.

At Foam Supplies, we also have a history of being environmental stewards – a long history that reaches back more than 15 years since our development of the world’s first proven, reliable, cost-effective alternative to HFC blowing agents, Ecomate®. As more and more US states pass laws to phase out HFCs, Foam Supplies will have the regulatory compliant foam systems you need, including rigid, flexible, integral skin, marine flotation, spray and more.

To learn more about the US Climate Alliance and its members, visit their website at