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In just 8 years, the millennial generation (1981-1996) will account for 75% of the workforce in the United States. They are the generation that will ask Siri for answers instead of wasting time typing on their phones. They’ve been studied since childhood, blamed for everything, and as a result of their influence, the benefits that a corporation provides have evolved. According to FlexJobs polls, 85 percent of Millennials want more flexible employment opportunities to improve their work-life balance, and due to their influence, over the last decade we’ve seen greater flexibility in corporate offerings.

The last 18 months have been filled with news of a widespread “quitting of jobs” in the United States, dubbed “the great resignation.” The majority of workers who have left their job cite low income, no opportunity for advancement, and feeling disrespected as reasons for leaving. Organizations are frantically trying to figure out how to keep exceptional staff on board.

Every now and then you hear of a company that has made it a fundamental to “do it right”, it is part of their culture. C.H.I. Overhead Doors is one of those companies. They have been using the employee ownership model which is one of the most successful models for quality employee retention.

FSI has had the privilege of being C.H.I.’s polyurethane supplier, sustaining their supply when no one else could, even while a sale of the company by C.H.I’s private equity owner, KKK, to steel manufacturer Nucor was underway.

“It is a real honor to have been part of keeping their line running and all their employees working” said Chris Woods, FSI’s Account Manager for C.H.I. “I love that these employees had such a large payout and that our supply chain capabilities were a part of that deal.”

If you need some good news today, here’s a great story of what a great company culture can accomplish:
Garage-door maker employees get cash reward in takeover as private equity tests ownership model

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