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What gives someone the motivation to become an entrepreneur? Someone who knows that you can learn something from everyone you meet. That was the key to learning from highly accomplished woodworking skills, to learning to play clarinet and saxophone from classical to generational music, from sales training with the Hoover corporation, and technical service in industry with the Olin corporation. That was a part of the life progression for David Keske. He always wanted to do the best job possible, no matter what the endeavor.

Those experiences brought him to ask the questions, “How can I make a significant difference in the polyurethane industry? What are the risks of starting a business?”

In October 1972, David Keske took the risk, got a loan from the bank and began the company known as Foam Supplies, Inc.

His commitment was to do the best work possible as a supplier to manufacturers such as boat builders, truck body makers, and commercial refrigeration companies. His idea was to sell chemical systems and application equipment with a promise to “service everything we sell”. That meant that the customer was always our first concern.

That was the beginning of a family business with the customers a priority, the employee support team being treated like family. David and his wife, Karen, worked together as a team incorporating core values that embrace every person in the company as an important part of the whole, so that we treat one another with respect, and look forward to establishing good friends and relationships in our business endeavors. Success and profitability are the results of those values.

It is altogether appropriate that we say thank you to everyone in the Foam Supplies family for their commitment to the philosophy to “work hard and do your best”. We could not have achieved our place in the industry without that team effort.

As we go forward we are committed to keeping a family business atmosphere.
We will hold firmly to the roots which have served us well throughout our history and hope to maintain a strong leadership role in the polyurethane industry.